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Hi I'm Kristen!

I’m Kristen, a Content Creator and Photographer, and a mom of a 9 year old & 6 year old.  I live in Houston, TX  with my husband who is my college sweetheart. I have a knack for product styling, crafting & DIYing, in addition to brand content creation and photography.  You can find me on Instagram @kristensellentin I have over 300k followers.   I am also on Pinterest, Facebook & TikTok, & LTK.  Come say hi!

My work has been featured on Target, Walmart, IKEA, Rugs USA, Project Junior, Martha Stewart, Potterybarn Kids, Crate and Barrel, Nick Jr, and more.

The Ultimate Graduation Gift

The Ultimate Graduation Gift is designed to be a delightful surprise for your child upon graduation. It requires minimal effort – just remember to have your child’s teacher sign it at the end of the school year. The expressions on their face will tell you everything – you’ve just given them the perfect graduation present.

Young girl holding graduation banner.

I started this tradition when Bristol was in preschool. I selected the book “Oh, the Places You Will Go” because it holds a special place in my heart. Every time I read it to her when she was young, it resonated deeply with me. For Sterling, I chose the companion book “Sometimes You Fly.” This book is a wonderful addition to any children’s collection, offering sweet words of encouragement. It’s perfect for preschool graduations or birthdays.

Young boy holding graduation banner.

To begin, explore my selection of graduation books and select the perfect one for your child. With 20 options available, it should be effortless to find precisely what you need. Once you’ve chosen your book, print out the provided printable and prepare to send it to school. I recommend placing it in an Amazon bubble mailer for discreet packaging. Simply place it in your child’s backpack to send to school. Once the teacher fills in their section, they will return it the same way. I have also delivered it to the teachers’ homes in the past, so that is also a possibility.

The Ultimate Graduation Gift Book Selection

Graduation books for teacher to sign every year.

Some words of advice: I make sure to provide this to my children’s teachers a few weeks before the school year ends. The goal is to avoid adding to their workload as the academic year draws to a close. I’ve discovered that including a note with the book, explaining what to do, is greatly appreciated by the teachers. I was thrilled when Karli from @winkandinkpaperie created the perfect printable that enhances this Ultimate Graduation Gift even more.

Cover of the book "Sometimes You Fly."

You’re all prepared now! Simply download the printable from @winkandinkpaperie and prepare to start this lovely keepsake for your baby who will one day graduate from high school. If you haven’t begun this tradition yet and your child is older, don’t worry, you can start anytime and personalize it as you wish. It’s highly adaptable. As your child grows, you can even have friends sign it discreetly for a special touch.

Download the Printable

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