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Teacher Gift Ideas

Need some new teacher gift ideas? With Teacher Appreciation and the end of school just around the corner, I have gathered some time-saving ideas over the years to help you avoid frustration during this busy time of the year. I have compiled a few cute ideas below with all the details you will need to create a fun and exciting way to show your appreciation for your child’s teacher.

Gift Idea: Pencil Gift Box

Here’s a simple end-of-school-year present idea for your child’s teacher. Create a pencil box and fill it with a gift card and a few small items suitable for summer use. Decorate it with lovely ribbon and add an adorable printable tag from EvergreenAshDesigns. Fasten the pencil container to the adorable classroom book “Our Class is a Family” for a meaningful gift that your child will be excited to give to their teacher.

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Gift Idea: Teacher Wine Gift

Wine bottle in a pencil gift box.

Here’s a creative gift idea for teacher appreciation week. I found these large pencil gift boxes on Amazon and surprisingly they are large enough to hold a bottle of wine. Fill it with crinkle paper, place the bottle on top, add a gift card, and finish it off with a charming tag to let the teacher know what’s inside. Remember, wine isn’t a must-have; you can also include the teacher’s favorite gift cards, snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, and handmade gifts.

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Gift Idea: Teacher Appreciation Flower Pot

Flower pot with post-it notes, apple gift card, paper mate pens, and a cute bookmark.

Begin by identifying your teacher’s preferred flower. If your school operates similarly to my children’s school, they likely distribute a Teacher’s Favorite List at the start of the year. Retrieve this list from the depths of your children’s school folders and discover their favorite flower. After rounding up the other items, you will glue or tape them to the bamboo skewers. Then put the skewers down into the flower pot and then add all the ribbon and fun banners you would like. These adorable banners came from @GraceCollectiveShop.

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Gift Idea: End of the Year- Sun & Fun

Even though I created the Sun & Fun gift basket a while ago, it remains a fantastic option for a heartfelt gift. You can discover some adorable baskets at Target, and I’ll provide the links below. Pair cute beach towels with your preferred color scheme easily. Equip your child’s teacher with everything they require for their first day of summer break! Printable pennant – @threadmama_story.

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Gift Idea: Thank you for helping me grow Gift Box

This ready-to-go gift box is absolutely adorable! From a busy mom to a plant-loving teacher, this gift box is a perfect way to express your gratitude. Get this charming gift box from Etsy, complete with various add-ons for you to select from. Design a personalized and delightful gift while saving yourself some time.

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Gift Idea: Stanley Gift Basket

Whether you’re looking for a back to school gift or end of year gift this basket is a great option. Fill it with a vibrant Stanley mug (add the crayon chapsticks inside), adorable notepads from @joycreativeshop, colorful sharpies, and a delicious frappuccino. Add a gift card inside the charming paper apple container for a fast and delightful gift idea.

*You can use discount code KRISTENS10 for 10% off order from @joycreativeshop.

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DIY Teacher Gift

This fun little gift jar with delicious chocolates will sure brighten the day of your child’s teacher. All materials cost under $15! Print out the labels from @designforeva and tape them onto the chocolates. Paint your wooden apples and glue them onto the top of the jar. Simple and easy!

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Tiny Presents with a Powerful Impact

Ribbons and Accessories

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Clear apple container with gifts inside.

Teacher Appreciation Gift


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