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Hi I'm Kristen!

I’m Kristen, a Content Creator and Photographer, and a mom of a 9 year old & 6 year old.  I live in Houston, TX  with my husband who is my college sweetheart. I have a knack for product styling, crafting & DIYing, in addition to brand content creation and photography.  You can find me on Instagram @kristensellentin I have over 300k followers.   I am also on Pinterest, Facebook & TikTok, & LTK.  Come say hi!

My work has been featured on Target, Walmart, IKEA, Rugs USA, Project Junior, Martha Stewart, Potterybarn Kids, Crate and Barrel, Nick Jr, and more.

Amazon Bathroom Organization

Ever feel like your bathroom drawers are very chaotic? I can relate! I have found several different organizers on Amazon that will transform your bathroom organization once and for all. When it comes to decluttering and organizing your bathroom drawers, there are endless possibilities to bring order and calm to the chaos.

From stackable drawer organizers for your makeup and skincare products to expandable trays for your toiletries, the options are truly limitless. By incorporating these simple yet effective tools, you can transform your bathroom drawers into beautifully organized spaces that not only look tidy but also make your daily routine a breeze. So, say goodbye to the clutter and hello to a more streamlined and efficient bathroom experience!

Bathroom organizers on Amazon

Shop the Bathroom Organizers here.

By organizing your bathroom essentials and keeping them in their designated places, you can easily maintain a clutter-free space with just a few minutes of tidying up each day. Making it a habit to put things back where they belong after use, you’ll find that maintaining a tidy bathroom becomes effortless. Keep in mind that a well-organized space not only looks visually appealing but also creates a sense of calm and relaxation in your daily routine.

I have found several different organizers on Amazon that will transform your bathroom organization once and for all.

The hair clip organizers have significantly improved the organization of Bristol’s collection. Each clip is visible and arranging them by color makes it simple for her to choose the perfect one for the day.

Enjoy the positive impact these organizers have and enjoy the newfound peace and organization they introduce into your everyday life!

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