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Hi I'm Kristen!

I’m Kristen, a Content Creator and Photographer, and a mom of a 9 year old & 6 year old.  I live in Houston, TX  with my husband who is my college sweetheart. I have a knack for product styling, crafting & DIYing, in addition to brand content creation and photography.  You can find me on Instagram @kristensellentin I have over 300k followers.   I am also on Pinterest, Facebook & TikTok, & LTK.  Come say hi!

My work has been featured on Target, Walmart, IKEA, Rugs USA, Project Junior, Martha Stewart, Potterybarn Kids, Crate and Barrel, Nick Jr, and more.

Summer Journals

Keep your kids engaged and let their creativity shine this summer by encouraging them to maintain summer journals. Each day, they can jot down their adventures from the previous day. Have them draw pictures and use stickers to add an element of fun to their summer journals.

The first day of summer break, they spend time decorating their journal covers, which can be quite a lengthy process as they really immerse themselves in it. I make sure to have a variety of stickers for them to choose from. I like to preserve the covers by sealing them with clear contact paper to ensure they last throughout the summer.

The best part? Summer journals only require a few art materials: colored pencils, fine-tip markers or crayons, and a composition notebook. Once you have these, you can start right away! Our routine involves starting our journals in the morning and reflecting on the previous day’s activities or adventures. It could be something as ordinary as a movie we watched the night before, or it could be about a visit to the zoo. The main goal is to encourage consistent writing and foster creative thinking throughout the summer.

After the kids complete their journals each day, I make sure they are kept in a convenient spot for them to grab the next morning. Having all the supplies in one accessible location and in one travel case makes it easy to keep everything organized.

We even take them when we travel so they can glue or tape in souvenirs they may get while we’re traveling. I also recommend buying a Bluetooth photo printer that connects to your phone so your kids can include photos of their summer adventures.

I hope this idea has sparked your creativity to bring out the art supplies and encourage your children to write during this summer! Remember, the most important thing is to let them explore and express themselves freely. Who knows, you might even discover a budding young artist or writer in your midst!

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